8 Person Tent Specs


8 person tent

Coleman Montana 8 TentColeman Montana 8 Tent

The Coleman Montana 8 person tent is next in the line of the Montana range. Previous versions have included the 4 and 6 models.

The Coleman Montana 8 tent has the same features as the 4 and 6 with some additional extras.

These features include:

  • One room cabin tents

The Coleman Montana 8 has a 16’ x 7’ footprint and 74” center height giving it plenty of room.

  • fly cover extends over front door and has wings

This enables you to create a front porch using the supplied fly pole and wings

coleman 8 person tent

The Monatana 8  comes with a hinged door as well as a zip that can be held open with the fitted velcro

  • WeatherTec system

Series of interworking features guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable

  • cool air port for better ventilation

Vented Cool-Air Port for improved airflow and VariFlow adjustable ventilation

smaller zippered opening at the side of tent is designed for added ventilation

  • electrical access ports

Unzip the access panel in the lower left corner of tent and bring in an electrical cord

  • reverse angle windows
  • Insta clip attachments
  • Interior gear pocket
  • 1 year warranty

There is also an Elite version of the 8 man Montana tent called the Big Skye Elite Tent or Coleman Elite Montana 8 tent.

Coleman Elite Montana 8 Tentcoleman elite montana 8 tentTents)coleman elite montana 8 tent

coleman elite montana 8 tent

It is exactly the same as the Montana 8 but has a replaceable battery operated light included.

To assist with setup, the instructions are sewn into a durable carry bag. With colour coded pole sleeves and shock-corded poles this really helps when assembling the tent. The frame is crafted out of wind resistant ultra high-tensile strength fiberglass poles making it very durable. It comes with a rugged poly floor, necessary with a family when camping.

The Coleman Montana 8 is ideal for small car campers and backpackers, compact, tough, waterproof and easy to setup.

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WeatherTec Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

When camping we are to a certain extent at the mercy of the elements. All that stands between you and the weather is your tent.

It is therefore very important that the tent you are using is able to withstand the weather conditions that you might encounter on a camping trip.

It needs to be waterproof and windproof so you don’t have any nasty surprises wake you up while sleeping in the middle of the night.

The Coleman Montana 8 tent comes with the exclusive WeatherTec™ System guaranteed to keep you dry. With coated polyester fabric the seams are pre-sealed with the bottom floor seam high enough off the ground to keep the moisture out.

A rainfly will  help to keep the worst of the weather out of the tent covering the doors and windows leaving you dry inside. The fly has an extended overhang and a fly pole and wings so you can create a small porch area at the front of the tent. There is room enough for a couple of chairs so you can still sit outside protected from the rain.

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

The tent is very well ventilated with the control airflow with Variflo™ adjustable ventilation, cutting down on the usual stuffiness and condensation.

With shock-corded poles, the Coleman Montana 8 tent is a very sturdy and durable tent, strong enough to cope with windy conditions.

It does require a lot of guide lines to be staked when using the rainfly, so be careful not to trip over the lines. Might be an idea to strategically place some items around the stakes to prevent tripping. Better to ensure that it is properly secured though, so it doesn’t fly away.

All in all the Coleman Montana 8 tent stands up well to wet and windy conditions. It can let in moisture if pressed against an external item but apart from that stays dry.

Coleman Montana 8 TentColeman Montana 8 Person Tent

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Pitching a Tent

pitching a tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

As with any task, it is always a good idea to plan what you are about to do rather than just jump straight in feet first. Pitching a tent when camping is no different, especially if it is for the first time.

If you can, do a dry run in your back garden before you go camping. Choose a dry day when it isn’t too windy as although rain makes erecting a tent difficult, strong winds can make it near on impossible. Time yourself and try to put the tent up on your own the first attempt.

Although it’s easier to get someone to help, best put yourself through the hardship of erecting the tent alone, in the comfort of your back garden. Theory is that once you erect the tent for the first time on your own, it can only get easier, right! Well we hope so.

Make sure the ground where you intend to position your tent is fairly flat and rock free. Although this is just a trial run, checking the ground you intend to use is a good habit to get into.

Empty the contents of the tent poles bag and crosscheck to make sure you have all the items required to pitch your tent. Nothing worse than being halfway through the job only to discover a pole is missing or there are no tent pegs.

Next bit is very important. Read the instructions. I know it hurts to do it but it will hurt more when you think you’ve nearly finished only to discover in fact, you’re going to have to start again. Doh!

coleman montana 8 person tent

Tents like the Coleman Montana 8 have the instructions sewn on the inside of the carry bag. Good idea as you’re less likely to misplace them or have them blow away. Lay the canvas out flat and position the poles by the appropriate port sleeves. The poles and port sleeves are both colour coded, another simple but effective idea that cuts out potential confusion.

Poking the poles through the sleeves can be a little fiddly as they can snag on the way through. Some people find it easier to stake all four corners first. Then lay out the poles as straight as possible in line with the sleeve path before feeding through. Take your time, a bit of patience gets the job done quicker rather than getting frustrated.

Insert the pin into one end of the pole. Apply pressure at the other end so the pole will arch allowing you to insert the pin into the other end. Just ensure the pole doesn’t snag on the pole sleeves.

Once the pins are in the four corners you can position the tent exactly where you want it fairly easily. When you’re happy with this you can secure all four corners with tent pegs.

Your tent is now ready to be securely staked down using the rainfly if required. Hopefully though, you won’t need it.

Pitching a Tent

Once you’re happy pitching your tent, you’re a lot more likely to go camping confident in the knowledge that getting the tent erected isn’t going to be a problem.

Coleman Montana 8 Tentcoleman montana 8 person tent

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Coleman 8 Person Tent Hinged Door

Coleman 8 Person Tent

Once in a while an idea comes along that just seems to work and everyone loves it.

Simple solutions to problems are usually the most effective. The hinged D shape door included with the Coleman Montana 8 tent is just one of those ideas.

Anyone who has experienced camping knows the limitations with a zipped doorway on a tent. Although fulfilling a required need admirably the door zips biggest downfall is that it needs to be opened and closed continuously. This in time takes its toll on the overworked zip especially with kids involved. Inevitably it will be tugged, pulled and yanked as hands big and small put it through its paces.

You can always leave it open during the day, securing the flap out of the way for easy access. This works well in fine weather but if it’s a little cooler or you just want some privacy it can be less than ideal.

The hinged door is easily assembled. Just insert the two black poles into the appropriate pole sleeves and attach them to the top and bottom hinge plates.

coleman montana 8 person tent

Once attached you can keep the door closed by sticking it to the factory fitted velcro straps positioned around the doorway. There is still a zip to secure the door opening at other times. You could utilize the hinged door during the day then zip close the door at night giving you the best of both worlds.

Another good idea on the Coleman Montana 8 tent is the electrical access port. In the lower left corner of the tent is an access panel that you can unzip. You can then run a power cord from the power supply outside straight into your tent. Because it is in the corner out of the way, there is less chance it will create a tripping hazard.

Good ideas like these make all the difference to ensure that your camping experience is as pleasurable as possible.

Coleman Montana 8 Tentcoleman montana 8 person tent

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Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

When the days get longer and hotter many of us will no doubt get the urge to spend more time outdoors. Going for walks, playing games with the kids or eating al fresco. Why not camping then, it’s a great way to spend some quality time with the family while exploring the beautiful countryside.

With good weather there’s a lot to be said about cooking breakfast outside in the morning with nature all around you. You always seem to have a bigger appetite and the food tastes that much better.

An ideal tent would house a family in comfort, be easy to assemble and be waterproof. There’s nothing worse that struggling to erect a tent that is too small and leaks when you get a bit of rain!

There’s so much choice out there it’s difficult to choose the right tent that ticks all the appropriate boxes. The Coleman Montana 8 Tent seems to do just that.

Great for family car campers and hikers, the modified dome structure is easy to transport and setup.

It’s very handy having the instructions sewn into the durable carry bag, so you can check and double check the instructions the first few times you erect the tent. Once you get the hand of it you can put the tent up in less than half an hour.
Inside there is more than enough room with a 16’ x 7’ footprint and 74” center height. The tent is made of the WeatherTec System that is guaranteed to keep you dry, while also offering good ventilation via a cool-air port. Almost as important on hot and sunny days as it can get very hot and stuffy inside the tent.

It helps having the hinged door so you don’t have to keep zipping the door open and closed all the time.

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

The fly cover creates an overhang enabling you to create a front porch with the supplied fly pole and wings. If it rains there is room enough for you to sit outside sheltered from the rain.
Once you find a good tent you’re more inclined to go camping, happy in the knowledge that the tent isn’t hiding any nasty surprises for you during your trip.

Coleman Montana 8 TentColeman Montana 8 Tent

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