Coleman 8 Person Tent Hinged Door

Coleman 8 Person Tent

Once in a while an idea comes along that just seems to work and everyone loves it.

Simple solutions to problems are usually the most effective. The hinged D shape door included with the Coleman Montana 8 tent is just one of those ideas.

Anyone who has experienced camping knows the limitations with a zipped doorway on a tent. Although fulfilling a required need admirably the door zips biggest downfall is that it needs to be opened and closed continuously. This in time takes its toll on the overworked zip especially with kids involved. Inevitably it will be tugged, pulled and yanked as hands big and small put it through its paces.

You can always leave it open during the day, securing the flap out of the way for easy access. This works well in fine weather but if it’s a little cooler or you just want some privacy it can be less than ideal.

The hinged door is easily assembled. Just insert the two black poles into the appropriate pole sleeves and attach them to the top and bottom hinge plates.

coleman montana 8 person tent

Once attached you can keep the door closed by sticking it to the factory fitted velcro straps positioned around the doorway. There is still a zip to secure the door opening at other times. You could utilize the hinged door during the day then zip close the door at night giving you the best of both worlds.

Another good idea on the Coleman Montana 8 tent is the electrical access port. In the lower left corner of the tent is an access panel that you can unzip. You can then run a power cord from the power supply outside straight into your tent. Because it is in the corner out of the way, there is less chance it will create a tripping hazard.

Good ideas like these make all the difference to ensure that your camping experience is as pleasurable as possible.

Coleman Montana 8 Tentcoleman montana 8 person tent

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