WeatherTec Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

When camping we are to a certain extent at the mercy of the elements. All that stands between you and the weather is your tent.

It is therefore very important that the tent you are using is able to withstand the weather conditions that you might encounter on a camping trip.

It needs to be waterproof and windproof so you don’t have any nasty surprises wake you up while sleeping in the middle of the night.

The Coleman Montana 8 tent comes with the exclusive WeatherTec™ System guaranteed to keep you dry. With coated polyester fabric the seams are pre-sealed with the bottom floor seam high enough off the ground to keep the moisture out.

A rainfly will  help to keep the worst of the weather out of the tent covering the doors and windows leaving you dry inside. The fly has an extended overhang and a fly pole and wings so you can create a small porch area at the front of the tent. There is room enough for a couple of chairs so you can still sit outside protected from the rain.

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

The tent is very well ventilated with the control airflow with Variflo™ adjustable ventilation, cutting down on the usual stuffiness and condensation.

With shock-corded poles, the Coleman Montana 8 tent is a very sturdy and durable tent, strong enough to cope with windy conditions.

It does require a lot of guide lines to be staked when using the rainfly, so be careful not to trip over the lines. Might be an idea to strategically place some items around the stakes to prevent tripping. Better to ensure that it is properly secured though, so it doesn’t fly away.

All in all the Coleman Montana 8 tent stands up well to wet and windy conditions. It can let in moisture if pressed against an external item but apart from that stays dry.

Coleman Montana 8 TentColeman Montana 8 Person Tent

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