Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

When the days get longer and hotter many of us will no doubt get the urge to spend more time outdoors. Going for walks, playing games with the kids or eating al fresco. Why not camping then, it’s a great way to spend some quality time with the family while exploring the beautiful countryside.

With good weather there’s a lot to be said about cooking breakfast outside in the morning with nature all around you. You always seem to have a bigger appetite and the food tastes that much better.

An ideal tent would house a family in comfort, be easy to assemble and be waterproof. There’s nothing worse that struggling to erect a tent that is too small and leaks when you get a bit of rain!

There’s so much choice out there it’s difficult to choose the right tent that ticks all the appropriate boxes. The Coleman Montana 8 Tent seems to do just that.

Great for family car campers and hikers, the modified dome structure is easy to transport and setup.

It’s very handy having the instructions sewn into the durable carry bag, so you can check and double check the instructions the first few times you erect the tent. Once you get the hand of it you can put the tent up in less than half an hour.
Inside there is more than enough room with a 16’ x 7’ footprint and 74” center height. The tent is made of the WeatherTec System that is guaranteed to keep you dry, while also offering good ventilation via a cool-air port. Almost as important on hot and sunny days as it can get very hot and stuffy inside the tent.

It helps having the hinged door so you don’t have to keep zipping the door open and closed all the time.

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

The fly cover creates an overhang enabling you to create a front porch with the supplied fly pole and wings. If it rains there is room enough for you to sit outside sheltered from the rain.
Once you find a good tent you’re more inclined to go camping, happy in the knowledge that the tent isn’t hiding any nasty surprises for you during your trip.

Coleman Montana 8 TentColeman Montana 8 Tent

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