Pitching a Tent

pitching a tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

As with any task, it is always a good idea to plan what you are about to do rather than just jump straight in feet first. Pitching a tent when camping is no different, especially if it is for the first time.

If you can, do a dry run in your back garden before you go camping. Choose a dry day when it isn’t too windy as although rain makes erecting a tent difficult, strong winds can make it near on impossible. Time yourself and try to put the tent up on your own the first attempt.

Although it’s easier to get someone to help, best put yourself through the hardship of erecting the tent alone, in the comfort of your back garden. Theory is that once you erect the tent for the first time on your own, it can only get easier, right! Well we hope so.

Make sure the ground where you intend to position your tent is fairly flat and rock free. Although this is just a trial run, checking the ground you intend to use is a good habit to get into.

Empty the contents of the tent poles bag and crosscheck to make sure you have all the items required to pitch your tent. Nothing worse than being halfway through the job only to discover a pole is missing or there are no tent pegs.

Next bit is very important. Read the instructions. I know it hurts to do it but it will hurt more when you think you’ve nearly finished only to discover in fact, you’re going to have to start again. Doh!

coleman montana 8 person tent

Tents like the Coleman Montana 8 have the instructions sewn on the inside of the carry bag. Good idea as you’re less likely to misplace them or have them blow away. Lay the canvas out flat and position the poles by the appropriate port sleeves. The poles and port sleeves are both colour coded, another simple but effective idea that cuts out potential confusion.

Poking the poles through the sleeves can be a little fiddly as they can snag on the way through. Some people find it easier to stake all four corners first. Then lay out the poles as straight as possible in line with the sleeve path before feeding through. Take your time, a bit of patience gets the job done quicker rather than getting frustrated.

Insert the pin into one end of the pole. Apply pressure at the other end so the pole will arch allowing you to insert the pin into the other end. Just ensure the pole doesn’t snag on the pole sleeves.

Once the pins are in the four corners you can position the tent exactly where you want it fairly easily. When you’re happy with this you can secure all four corners with tent pegs.

Your tent is now ready to be securely staked down using the rainfly if required. Hopefully though, you won’t need it.

Pitching a Tent

Once you’re happy pitching your tent, you’re a lot more likely to go camping confident in the knowledge that getting the tent erected isn’t going to be a problem.

Coleman Montana 8 Tentcoleman montana 8 person tent

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